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This backorder service monitors a domain name around the clock and, if it expires and is released from the registry, attempts to acquire it the instant it becomes available. It is the most effective domain name backorder system in use today.

The service is first come, first served, and includes the following features and advantages:

  • One year, renewable backorder subscription term.

  • Up to three exchanges between different domains during your backorder subscription term. If the current registrant elects to renew the registration for the domain name that you're monitoring, or if for any other reason you wish to change the name that you're monitoring, you can easily move your backorder subscription to another name, at no cost, for the remainder of its term.

  • Monitoring and reporting on the registration status of your target domain name. To keep you fully informed, we'll monitor your name daily and send you updates to let you know about any activity involving your target domain.

  • Automatic attempted registration of your target domain name the moment it becomes available.

  • The most effective tool for acquiring non-renewed domain names. While there are no guarantees - after all, the current registrant may choose to keep the name you want - this domain name backorder service has the best track record of success in the world today.

  • Access to what has become the largest pool of desirable domain names on the Internet - deleting/expired domain names.

For further information on our back ordering service, please see the detailed FAQ here.

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