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Domain names sometimes fall victim to things you don't intend to happen - sometimes it's by mistake, other times it's the result of a malicious action. You can, and should, keep an eye out for unintended changes to your registration so that your web site and email stay up and running. We can help.

You can now monitor your domain names, around the clock, to ensure that any changes in the registration - resulting from something as benign as an inadvertent expiration to something as sinister as a hijacking - are immediately caught.

  • One year subscription term.

  • Automated email alerts let you know if:
        any of the registrant contact information for a domain has changed
        a domain has been transferred to another registrar or another user
        a domain has been renewed by its current registrant
        a domain or a back order position for a domain will expire soon
        a domain or a back order position for a domain has expired
        a domain or a back order position are now available for subscription or purchase
        there has been a name server change (sometimes a warning signal of a hijacking in progress).

  • Carefully ordered, easy to read comparisons of registration records, summarizing all changes.

  • Up to one hundred exchanges between different domain names during your subscription term.

  • Notification via multiple email addresses.

  • "Alert Options" feature, which allows you to opt out of any message type you no longer want to receive.

  • Inexpensive insurance against piracy or accidentally forgetting to renew.

  • Effective, low hassle alternative to manually monitoring important domain names for unintended change, or to confirm that intended changes actually happened.

  • Multiple monitoring subscriptions available for any domain name - many people can be simultaneously alerted to important changes in a domain name.

  • Corporate customers may also elect to use this service to monitor brand or product related competitive activity.

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